What's the longest-running LoL joke?

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The community.
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Never heard Jesse Perring one, but you asked what the longest-running LoL joke is? Better nerf Irelia
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Sword_Slasher posted...
BIadeBIade posted...

At level 9, Sivir has the largest non-ultimate nuke of ANY champion in the game.

Items: Chalice, bloodrazors, merc treads, zeke's herald.

Back then it was Stark's Fervor, and back then it reduced your enemies armor by 20, functioning like the AD form of Abyssal Scepter.
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Better nerf Irelia is literally the only one on the TC's list that I've heard of.

I'll explain, then.

"Best/Worst X NA"
Dyrus made an account called BEST TOP NA. People started saying variations of it when someone did something good (usually the player will be a tool and just be trying to toot their own horn) or to mock someone when they make a mistake or two.

"Confirmed on Saint's stream"
All over the League of Legends subreddit right now. Any rumor or speculations or anything will by followed by someone saying "confirmed on saint's stream." I know Saint talks a lot on his stream, and what he says isn't always true, but I'm not sure specifically how it started.

"Better nerf Irelia"
You know this one.

"Draven sucks, Draaaaaaven is amazing"
Make a thread about Draven. I guarantee you'll see something to this effect.

"Phreak jungles with everyone"
Champion Spotlights. I haven't looked at the comments recently (or watched one all the way through recently), but for a long, long time people would flood the comments with guff about Phreak and jungling. If he says he jungles with a champ, they'd be all "Oh look, Phreak's jungling with the new champ again" or "My name is Phreak and I play X as a jungler" and if he didn't they'd say "I'm really suprised he doesn't play this champ as a jungler."

Type in "pro as heck" on YouTube and look at all the people trying to imitate the Yi guide
The video that started the "dunkmaster Yi" craze was titled "pro as heck guide to master yi." It was very successful by LoL margins, so people tried to cash in on it's fame among the community by making knock-off videos in the same style.

"Not even close, baby"
In many Dunkey videos, if he gets away with just a sliver of HP, he'll say "not even close, baby." Many people watch his videos, and would say it in similar situations. Without the voice, it loses a lot of what would make it "funny" but people went on with it anyway.
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Darius just got a pentakill.....better nerf Irelia
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Mundo, Tons of Damage, and I play X as a jungler are pretty old.
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mordekaiser es #1 hue hue

This one.
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Never heard Jesse Perring one, but you asked what the longest-running LoL joke is? Better nerf Irelia

http://na.leagueoflegends.com/board/showthread.php?t=292682 for starters.
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