stonewall z0mg

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4 years ago#31
I've played against him a while back, he played with HeAt or something.

and I played normals against hotshot, some of my team members went super tryhard and hotshots team trolled, we won but then I felt really bad since his team had girls and stuff.
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4 years ago#32
stonewall sucks
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4 years ago#33
man, if only the game was just laning phase.
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4 years ago#34
Stonewall too stronk for gamefaqs. @_@
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4 years ago#35
xHaterade posted...
stonewall sucks
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4 years ago#36
Team Stonewall won.
4 years ago#37
From: 10101001z | #036
Team Stonewall won.

akali is broken
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4 years ago#38
lol@ people who think stonewall sucks

he's better than you both, Senraid and seph
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4 years ago#39
EltoniaX posted...
lol@ people who think stonewall sucks

he's better than you both, Senraid and seph

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4 years ago#40
EnricoMarini01 posted...

I still remember your Janna vs his Yi, in one of his videos. Priceless :3

That was fun
Our volibear I believe was worshipping stone wall
mid got pissed off along with vayne
and EVERYONE was fighting too much =/
Btw top for that match on stonewall's team was CHA if anyone noticed

10101001z posted...
Team Stonewall won.

D: weren't you on the other team
nah can't be that omnious Z in his name hmmmm
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