people who say "easy" at the end of games. punish or pardon?

#111va1ianc3Posted 11/7/2012 6:30:51 PM
Witch__Hazel posted...
Pardon, trash talking is naturally part of any competitive game and if it offends you, you shouldn't play.

Well that's the stupidest thing I ever heard. Ever heard of "good sportsmanship"?
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gkh5 posted...
You are a little ***** if you honestly report someone for that LOL. Yes it's a bit of a douche move but trash talk is a part of any game and if you can't handle it, you are probably the same kid that gets harassed in school because you're an easy target and overreact to people's attempts to get under your skin.

All this being said, I don't say it myself (albeit I'm game for some good smack talking from time to to time during a match). But if you honestly get offended or see this as a punishable offense, you should let your balls drop lol.

And before someone calls me out as just some e-tough guy, I play on a major collegiate sports team and hear much worse than "gg easy" in almost any given game and that's just part of it. Are you gonna be friendly to the person/team trying to beat you? **** that, you want to mop the floor with them if you can and make a statement.

Even more stupid then the comment before it... Now you just sound like an ass. I wonder how many accounts you've made from being banned all the time :-/
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Punish, because it seems to piss a lot of 'competitive' players off on here and I enjoy that.
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How did this happen?