people who say "easy" at the end of games. punish or pardon?

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AdelbertSteiner posted...
Having a great game is one of the biggest joys that League of Legends can bring you. But always bear in mind that when you’re relishing that landslide victory there is someone on the receiving end that is probably ripping their hair out. While it’s alright to celebrate, make sure that you keep any gloating (or any other mode of self-indulgence) out of all chat. Instead, thank your opponents for the game. After all, despite their best efforts, they just made you a very happy person.

Taken from the Summoner's Code. Riot looks down on it, therefore it's a punishable offense.

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Ephemeral1 posted...
Christ, how do you people function in real life without a tribunal to go tattling to? Grow up and stop being so thin skinned.

Exhibit A, ladies and gentlemen.
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Kirbix posted...
Ephemeral1 posted...
Christ, how do you people function in real life without a tribunal to go tattling to? Grow up and stop being so thin skinned.

You're one of those kids who gets put in detention after school and defiantly claims that "school rules are stupid and so I shouldn't have to follow them!" Aren't you?

Rules are rules. Feel free to whine when you're punished for not following them, but they are what they are.

I'm one of those adults who expects other people to act like adults and not start crying over something as trivial as language use. Not an unfair expectation considering the nature of online games and their ratings. If you're looking for a more juvenile gaming experience, I recommend pokemon. I'd watch out, though - you'll get quite a taunting from those gym leaders, and I don't think they can be reported.
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You have to draw the line somewhere, 'gg easy' is where the you go over the line. There is absolutely no reason to gloat that you won a game against randoms. It serves no purpose other than making yourself feel better by rubbing it in their faces.
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Who cares about a little trash talk?
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Most games ARE pretty easy, frankly; it's all perspective.
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Also, for those of you in the "rules are rules" camp: I sincerely doubt you abide by every traffic law. I doubt that you come to a full and complete stop at every stop sign, and I doubt you've never exceeded the speed limit. I sure as hell doubt that you've ever gotten pulled over and said "you got me officer, rules are rules." Again, stop pretending that you occupy some kind of moral high ground because of Riot's naïveté and bad business sense. You care less about the community than you do being justifiably vindictive to your fellow players, and in the end you're no better than me or anyone else.
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Ultimately the standard to use when judging tribunal cases is "would I want to play with this person?". If you wouldn't mind then pardon, otherwise punish.
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Why not report if they are breaking the Summoner's code while being rude to you? What's my motivation for not punishing when punishing will give me a greater possibility of not having to play with someone I do not wish to play with?
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