Who are canonically the most powerful champions?

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Michael-kun posted...
People care about the lore in this game?

It's almost like caring about Starcraft lore

Or, you know, he's just saying that to save face for getting sucked out of the void.

Jax #1 OP, but only without a lamp post.
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Jax isn't even up there. If you consider that he had some type of rigged matches or summoner help as implied by his (old? it's probably been retconned by now because lolriot) and that there was a wimpy selection of 40 when the league started which was when his streak happened, he's not even up there. No matter how strong you are as a nerd with a stick you can't compete against giant hailstorms where you can't even see your opponent.
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Morde es #1 huehuehue
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People always mention Nasus and Renekton being gods but their lore specifically says Nasus rejected such a prideful notion.

I'd say it's Jax if he is Reginald Ashram. That means he not only denies himself weapons in the League, but he also uses none of his super summoner magic.
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Need I to say more?
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Xerath and Brand
"Warrior" archetype:
Those from the void.
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Airsoftcomeback posted...
Jax is number 1
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