What Role do you Main?

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4 years ago#11
I already stink at the game, might as well play the character that does most for the team and gets least recognition.

Supports ftw.
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4 years ago#12
haha yeah
4 years ago#13
Used to main support, but have been transitioning more to the jungle of late.
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4 years ago#14

Only if I have to-Mid/ADC/Top
4 years ago#15
JennaTahlia posted...
Is Tristana a role?

An outclassed role is it rite
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4 years ago#16
LimeInCoconut posted...
I'm torn between Top and Jungle
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4 years ago#17
Support all the way!
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4 years ago#18
"Think you're a dragon slayer? Come here and try." -Shyvana
4 years ago#19
I jungle almost 3 times as much as all other roles combined, but I statistically win when I go mid FAR more often.
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4 years ago#20
I don't have a role, I lock random and lane long after it's appropriate.
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