What Role do you Main?

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3 years ago#51
adc, most fun role by far imo.
3 years ago#52
Support for me, with mid and AD carry more or less tying for second. I like to think I'm proficient with a couple top champs. Can't jungle for crap. Yep.
"Why don't you just take this picture for what it is? Teemo being stuffed and mounted by renek." - Serenderpity
LoL Name: Thanamar
3 years ago#53
Anything with fizz ecept anythid ad or support
3 years ago#54
Because I'm kinda bad at the game my boyfriend put me on support. I help the team by not feeding (lol) and buying a buttload of wards.
3 years ago#55
I used to play mid a lot but my good nature forced me onto support since usually no one else wants it but on the other hand everyone wants mid...and I'm just to nice. ( Thus supporting suits me fine actually. XD )
3 years ago#56
adc for premades, support in solo; I like to think that I'm equally good at both
3 years ago#57
mid wins
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