k guys, Nashors is now core on every champion in the game.

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Try_Harder_Nubz posted...

Well said. XD
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I think riot buffed kassadin so they could nerf nashors tooth

similar too how pantehon was designed to counter anivia
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i like to buy nashors on ryze. it gives me great cdr and mana regen, and the attack speed allows me to stack my manamune faster. the ap will also cause your abilities to NUUKE the enemy.
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I buy Nashor's Tooth on Fizz because it gives great cooldown reduction, mana regen, and attack speed. With all that attack speed you can apply your W active constantly!
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From: FlameLord23 | #025
It's really good on Rivenfor the Attack Speed, the CDR, and you can overlook the mana regen and the AP.

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Alright so I've been playing a lot of Gangplank recently... and I've actually found that Nashor's Tooth works wonders on him. With the bonus attack speed, you'll be able to apply all your stacks of Grog Soaked Blade instantly! Super-soak em' up! It's also just the CDR and everything built into one. I never really tested just how good CDR is on Gangplank, but lately i have been and it's AMAZING. You're sustained damage with this and Infinity Edge is incredible. This also allows you to get more than one Cannon Barrage off in one teamfight which is just amazing. Just amazing. We all know Gangplank has mana problems too, but Nashor's Tooth solves that and gives you some extra AP for nice healing and high damage on your ultimate, very nifty.
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I think that Nashor's is core on Ezreal after dorans to make use of the 3(!!!) ap rations you have. I honestly don't see how this item isn't being used more.
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From: pastaman2232 | #036
Super-soak em' up!

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Nashor's Toothe is too good to pass up on most champs. That's why i build it on Zilean. I find that the AP makes his timebob wickedly strong. The CDR synergizes with his rewind incredibly, it's like your abilities have no cooldowns at all. This would be a problem in most cases, but the insane mana regeneration from Nashor's Tooth makes it so that you can just keep spamming your spells. It's almost unfair how good this item is, but wait, I kid you not, there's more! The 50% (wow!) attack speed bonus on Nashor's Tooth let's you throw an insane amount of gears and cogs at your enemies, and everyone knows those hurt a lot.
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_HeX posted...

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I lol'd
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