RoA for just about every mage?

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3 years ago#21
DartDragoon posted...
Am I the only one who just loves building RoA on pretty much any caster ? I built it as a first or second item all the time on champs like Ahri, Viktor or Cassiopea... gives them some much needed health while still giving a pretty good chunk of Mana and AP.

you're gimping so much of vik's potential not building pure ap. you can blow up targets so much better and get a bit more out of shield that way. You should be able to manage your mana fine without roa. Cass is understandable since shes sustained damage. Makes me sad when I see viks rush roa as it stunts his strongest part of the match (mid game) but delaying so much for such a costly item
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3 years ago#22
Kirbix posted...
Herostratus_ posted...
kourkour posted...
Lux says the same.

Fizz says the same.

Katarina says the same.

A lot of people go RoA on Fizz, don't they?

That seems like an odd pick for fizz. He's a burst assassin, and the core is almost always sheen and deathcap to have massive burst. What's the reasoning behind roa?

It keeps him in lane longer since he has no sustain and the added health is always nice for when he dives in to kill.
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3 years ago#23
It really depends on how the game is going and whether or not you'll reach full stacks.

I know on Brands if I need survivability in my lane I'll make one especially considering his early and even sometimes late mana issues.
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3 years ago#24
I bring this up because I'm hyping myself for the new items. RoA seems so go to. Then again, plenty of items do...
3 years ago#25
Vlad says no.
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