Step aside, Shurelia's. Eleisa's Miracle would like that spot.

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I don't think it's going to be built from a GP10 anymore. I mean, why would it? GP10 are meant to be hold onto for a decent amount of time. This item you would want to rush.

Meki Pendant + Rejuvenation Bead.

if that's true then it's even worse :/ in a game like LoL where you rarely reach full build anyway I don't see much point in putting yourself behind to get a sub par item that will eventually give you a permanent buff without taking an item slot.

It's not that bad. Having that regen in lane is good. Regen is one of the best early game stats.

Meki + Bead is 640g worth of regen. Then you are paying 535g for 8 MP5 and 2 HP5. Plus the passive and extra inventory slot.

You can rush it too since starting with a bead seems viable. And if wards are supposedly less of a burden, then rushing GP10 won't be as necessary. But I imagine that a Philo's + Miracle is really nice sustain that will let you seriously harass.

Not a bad jungle item either. Bead + 6 potions (Or Bead + Charm + potion) can be legit.