ITT: We say what the champions would say during snu-snu

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"With perfect tempo" ~ Sona
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Tastes purple.
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"Sorry guys, I left the fuzzy cuffs at home" - Caitlyn
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Faith in humanity -1000

ITT: watching a crappy tv show is now requirement.

ITP: Internet Hipster thinks he's cool.
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"For my father, the king!"
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Faith in humanity -1000

I don't like Futurama. Come at me.

I don't care for the simpsons, but I still recognize "eat my shorts!"
You can dislike futurama and still manage to not live under a rock.

i didn't live under a rock, i just don't follow the trend of sheep that relies on tv phrases
*slaps TC with a raw chicken*
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This'll be a slaughter!
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unless I missed it, still no "DEMACIA!!!"?

I am disappoint
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Blitzcrank: Fisting routine initiated.
Volibear: This must be quite the shocking experience for you.
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