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League of pet peeves

#1GForceDragonPosted 11/8/2012 12:28:29 PM
I'm pretty sure we've had this topic before, but it was sufficiently long ago that this one isn't obnoxious.

One of my greatest pet peeves in this game is when I'm already retreating, and somebody pings to retreat, as if retreat pinging three times on top of me will make me run faster.
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#2SorrySleepingPosted 11/8/2012 12:29:49 PM
You are recalling and ask the jungler just to sit in your lane for a moment to not waste EXP and gold. He comes in to gank (without you), dies, then blames you.
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#3KirbixPosted 11/8/2012 12:31:49 PM
Off the first post, people that ping a turret when you've just gotten aced. Typically they'll ping 3-4 times.

Exactly what are you expecting that ping to do?
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#4DuDuDu10101Posted 11/8/2012 12:32:21 PM
turret dives that does nothing but eat turret shots to da face
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#5ShiningknucklesPosted 11/8/2012 12:32:45 PM
When I'm running away, and twisted fate decides to ulti past your turret so he's in between turrets or in your base just to kill you.
#6Lord SojiroPosted 11/8/2012 12:33:45 PM
Your low health ally is fleeing from an enemy, so you go in to make sure he escapes, only to have him turn around and engage, he dies.
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#7POkemon_PoWeRPosted 11/8/2012 12:33:53 PM
Spanish speaking players.
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#8WyrmcraftPosted 11/8/2012 12:35:20 PM
AD carries that can't cs
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#9stascakbw07Posted 11/8/2012 12:36:24 PM
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#10Bail_TaviraPosted 11/8/2012 12:39:40 PM
POkemon_PoWeR posted...
Spanish speaking players.