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3 years ago#31
When idiot supports expect me to take first blood before minion wave spawn when he has no method of preventing the enemy from flashing or leaving. Or expect me to initiate first against an enemy champ like Graves and a Blitzcrank.
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3 years ago#32
When I have picked a lane-specific champ (but haven't locked in yet) and 10 seconds later someone types out that lane and waits another 10 seconds before picking and locking in a champ for that lane.
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3 years ago#33
Honestly ****ing everything.

This game is pretty bad in way too many moments tbh.
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3 years ago#34
- When people do stupid crap and blame me for not miraculously saving them.
Ex: Bot lane as Graves with Rengar vs Alistar Caitlyn. Rengar does dumb crap the whole game, jungler is dumb, most people are dumb. I'm 1/1, Rengar is 0/4, their Caitlyn is something like 6/1. I'm trying to farm to catch up, Rengar jumps out of a bush at full health Alistar with full health Caitlyn right next to him, dies nearly instantly "WTF Graves DO SOMETHING!"

- When people say KS.
Ex: I'm playing Lulu support, enemy ADC is about to die, my ADC is about to die, everything on cooldown. Stand there and let my ADC die or attack the enemy ADC for the little extra damage that might keep my ally alive? Oops, accidentally got the kill, but at least they died and our ADC lived. "[All] GG noob support keeps KSing."

- When supports don't ward.
Ex: Every time I support I start faerie charm, 3 wards, 2 health pots. Every time I ADC the support starts boots 3 pot and doesn't ward. Ever. Why...?

- When I'm Jungling and I'm blamed for everything.
Ex: Everyone sucks and is pushed the entire game. Their fault for all being bad and not being able to hold their lane, right? Nope, my fault for not being able to gank all 3 lanes at once the entire game. Oh, I'm 4 levels behind now because I have to constantly try to gank to make up for everyone's mistakes. I'll go jungle for a bit to catch up or I'll be useless. "Stupid jungler never ganks!"

- When I'm support and the one time I b and don't buy wards I get called out for never warding.
Ex: I start the game with wards and every time I b I buy wards. I ward the entire game and the ONE time I b and don't buy wards because I used all my gold getting an Aegis for the team I get called out for "never" warding.

tldr; When people do dumb crap and blame me for it.
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3 years ago#35
people that call minions creeps or say cs.
its last hits damn it
3 years ago#36
From: megasuprwaffle | #035
people that call minions creeps or say cs.
its last hits damn it

i just

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3 years ago#37
POkemon_PoWeR posted...
Polish speaking players.

Little Koko never had a chance...
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3 years ago#39
DivineFelix posted...
The whole "I called mid/jungle/adc/etc" first thing. What are we? Children? Sure we can respect who wants what, but just because you called it first mean that if you don't get it you have to rage and sit at the base. -.-

This, so much. WPM and load times should not influence who plays what role.
3 years ago#40
Supports that decide to go all in just because I poke with Caitlyn. Bot lane is me, trying out some caitlyn, and a nautilus against a poppy and a fiora. They have like no range, but every time I shoot them or hit them with a Q, he takes that as the time for a hard engage, and goes all in. Often losing a ton of health because he jumps right into their range. He has 1/4 health, I am poking them while under close to turret because we have to back off, he hard engages and anchors to them and dies. Then says in all chat "This ******* cait".
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