how do people even call the league of legends tournements a sport?

#11xRustySpoonPosted 11/8/2012 9:10:28 PM
this isn't a sport though.
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#12Witch__HazelPosted 11/8/2012 9:13:54 PM
People don't call it a sport. They call it an e-sport.
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The_niblet posted...
Topic is now about Coffee and other associated drinks.

I like mine black, personally, but sometimes some creamer is good, and I also like vanilla caramel cappuccino, what about you guys?

I prefer mine as Mountain Dew, Code Red specifically.

Back to TC's post. Is it a sport, no. Hell no, a sport involves physical activity. Why watch it? Because I enjoy watching the best play in sports and all games. I used to watch BlameTruth and Xcalizorz when I played Call of Duty, and the same with the tournaments. Do I know who everyone is on every team? No, no where close. But I just enjoy seeing games played well. And you learn things.
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ssupermario92 posted...


I ****ing loved that showwww
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how can anyone be mad at Scarra?
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does this look like an athlete to you?

why bother watching them.

Chess are meant to be played not watched as a fan.

and people using their own name, its so lame.
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I dont consider it a sport, but it is entertaining to watch nonetheless.
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From: ffxblak12 | #001

does this look like an athlete to you?

We never got an answer, The question slipped my mind
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Well for starters, there is more activity in me going to the bathroom in between games than there is in baseball. If baseball is considered a sport, then this should be too.
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