Calling it now, Riot is going to ruin LoL with season 3 changes

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User Info: orcus_snake

4 years ago#21
its gonna happen

They ruined jungling in S2, they are fixing it in S3.

"Warwick are you jungling"
"No I'm standing by the wolves because I miss my family"

User Info: BurnumMaster

4 years ago#22
th3nobodi3s posted...
riot ruins lol by nerfing things based on the opinions of bad players and by nerfing things that are not a part of the real problem

EG: akali is too good with gunblade lets nerf gunblade and not her

That is completely true. Especially if you ignore the part where they nerfed her as well.

User Info: PKMNsony

4 years ago#23
i won my muny bak den rito!

User Info: Voidgolem

4 years ago#24
Provided I can actually carry from the jungle now, I'd be 100% ok with whatever else they did with the game.

200% if supposed Mastermune turns out to be real.
"Assume all cover will explode. And if it doesn't explode, expect aliens to throw grenades in order to fix that"

User Info: NuramaTheBD

4 years ago#25
Little Zardar posted...
who cares? this game has been practically the same for a year now. the only new "content" are champs which have 4 buttons. the jungle is the same, the lanes are the same, the damn meta is the same. you also build the same s*** each game practically. it's boring.

i seriously wonder how you guys play this every single day for months/years. ive played all the champs now and i get bored to tears just playing a couple of games every now and then. the only thing that interests me anymore are new champions which are fun for 2 or 3 hours.

watching the game being competitively played is a borefest as well. the same damn 50 champs each time. a game with 150+ champs yet you only see 1/3 on them in pro games, what's up with that anyway?

bring on the damn change, and i hope it's a lot of changes.

Barely over 100 is 150+ legit. >.>
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User Info: FlareZero

4 years ago#26
Riot has to face reality that altering the gameplay and meta won't make certain champs relevant.
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  3. Calling it now, Riot is going to ruin LoL with season 3 changes

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