Why isn't Kassadin used more?

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When the hell did people start calling ults hypers? It doesn't make any sense. :/

Fighting game players still trying to stay relevant

Hyper isn't a fighting game term


Didn't this dumbass ignore FreshSushi?
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This thread...I don't even...
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FreshSushi posted...
You mean his ult. Stop trying to make hyper a thing, sounds stupid as ****.

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His hyper?

You mean the passive "hyper" where he gains AS each time he gets hit by magic? I'm sorry, but that's not what lets him blink each 5 seconds, that's his ult.
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I came in hoping for some Kassadin discussion since I mained him back when I still played. I ended up rather disappointed >_>
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This thread hurt my soul...
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everyone else was doing it... i just wanted to fit in o.o
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This topic is why i love gamefaqs.

Also TC is an idiot.
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Lmfao calm the hell down kid. No one is trying to make it a thing, it's just what I call it.

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You're not too good at this. You're not even making sense anymore. Lmfao. Try a bit harder.

Lmfao calm the hell down kid. No one is trying to make it a thing, it's just what I call it.

If you have a problem, then ignore it.
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Came in, saw the TC's username, leaving now.