Why isn't Kassadin used more?

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will you two


just make out with each other already

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i say hypers because i grew up on marvel.
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His AA is melee and it gets him harassed to hell in lane.
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omg this topic is still going? lmao
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Why do people say hypers? They're clearly called Ougis.
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This topic is why i love gamefaqs.

Also TC is an idiot.

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You mean his ult. Stop trying to make hyper a thing, sounds stupid as ****.

Lmfao calm the hell down kid. No one is trying to make it a thing, it's just what I call it.

If you have a problem, then ignore it.

Anyways, his hyper is godlike.

So you're stupid? Ok then. Oh don't take offense. That's just what I call Cursedsasuke176 HAHAHAHAHA I JUST REALIZED WHAT YOUR NAME IS HAHAHAHA.

also this post... I nearly died of laughter, roflllll.
didn't america win the civil war? - lunarknight64 (Posted 11/10/2009 3:15:32 PM)
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...i agree, his bankai is pretty damn cool
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because he actually takes skill
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most played and watched fighting game in America at the moment(and has been for like 12 years)"

HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA, ok stay delusional about that. I'm gonna be here laughing at a person who's credibility managed to go even lower

.....The amount of ignorance in this one post is just....staggering. The fact that you actually disagree with this post just proves that you don't know anything that you're talking about. Stay mad, son.

People that don't play fighting games shouldn't pretend they know anything about them. Just makes them look stupid.

Lmfao@ implying Marvel isn't the most popular fighting game to watch/play.

XD gamefaqs, you never surprise me.

Which is why most fighting game tournament streams are of street fighter, and why marvel vs capcom 3 streams are so rare, right? Hell, they almost never show mvc in Wednesday night fights anymore because of the fact that it's just not that popular anymore. Doesn't help that it didn't have too amazing of a showing at EVO this year. But still, continue to prove that you're just a kid. Not like the name and the rest of your posts don't prove that already

Marvel was so popular they had to move it to a whole other night. It's called the Runback, airs on thursdays in the same place as WNF. Valle got too many complaints when they didn't show marvel they gave it it's own night. Look up some stream numbers too. Marvel is always the most watched fighting game in America at every tourny. Even Evo
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