New Player looking for champions

#11FvPPosted 11/10/2012 11:44:18 AM
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#12Black_AssassinPosted 11/10/2012 11:45:13 AM
Pantheon sounds perfect.
#13DuDuDu10101Posted 11/10/2012 11:48:21 AM
akali and eat scrubs and get called names...

then get melted by everyone else
*slaps TC with a raw chicken*
This will continue until you make proper gamefaqs messages.
#14DiplomacySCPosted 11/10/2012 11:57:33 AM
I normally wouldn't but since Poppy is one of my mains and she's being recommended a lot for some reason I'll go with Poppy. Bit of a difficulty curve with her bad laning, but otherwise very strong.

How to poopy:

Boots3 -> Philo -> Sheen -> TriForce -> Culass+Mercs -> GA -> GunBlade -> Shurelya's -> IE/DFG/Nashor's/Void/Randuin's (preference/situational)