Who's your mid and why?

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User Info: USF

4 years ago#61
I play a lot of mid, my most played role, so I tend to play quite a few of them that I really enjoy: Ahri, Orianna, Cass, Morg, Lux, Akali, Kat, Eve, Diana, LeBlanc. Love them all.
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User Info: omisfly

4 years ago#62
My top 5:






User Info: Godofmetal212

4 years ago#63
Cho'Gath, Orianna, Kassadin.

Tanky Farmer: Cho
Burst Assassin: Kass
Utility/Zone: Ori
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User Info: achraf66

4 years ago#64
Diana son broken as sh*t
LoL: slodderkid
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User Info: wrbk

4 years ago#65
TF, Orianna, Viktor, Vlad and Brand.
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User Info: Ctrl_Alt_FU

4 years ago#66
Talon to shut most of you down.
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Lee Sin holds that special little place in my heart.

User Info: orcus_snake

4 years ago#67
Mid, because eve mid OP.
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User Info: Lithsp

4 years ago#68
Kennen, because I personally feel extremely safe while laning, regardless of who the other guy is or their jungler. I feel like Kennen can not only escape any ganks or assaults from the other mid, but actually turn them in his favour if you've got your W passive up.

Even in team fights, I feel like I'm useful to the team every time, and like I can basically force-feed the win at times with a well placed ult.

Everything he has has excellent synergy, and I love that he has no mana. Very sustainable, esp. with Revolver. I start with a Dorans Shield though anyway, feels safe as ****.

User Info: Lord_Spectre_X

4 years ago#69
Syndra, Vladimir, Swain, Malzahar, Veigar.
PSN: LordSpectreX
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User Info: Susan0

4 years ago#70

Dat Burst
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