Best Assassin champions?

#1Kirby1207Posted 11/10/2012 6:00:37 PM
I own everyone, and I use riven and akali mainly atm, and I just love being able to take out their ad. So who are the best Ad or Ap assassins?
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#4ffzmanPosted 11/10/2012 6:08:27 PM
Fizz. Rush DFG and super burst carries, then troll vault away.
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Riven is not an assassin. If I had to pick one, I'd say Akali is the best pure assassin.
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ffzman posted...
Fizz. Rush DFG

all of the wrong
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Not Lux. Don't ever pick Lux. Ever.
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Rengar, Akali, Talon, Dianna, Lee sin just to name a few.
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Diana and Kha'Zix. are 2 of my favourites
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