Lux is the worst champion in the game.

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G0dSlay3r posted...
Syndra mobile.


You might wanna brush up on knowledge about AP mids in general.

Well.... "mobile" because she can cast spells while moving. Means i can harass and dodge spells at the same time.
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oh my god
pls stop making me laugh
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Can't you at least wait until the exact wording from the previous topic you're copying this from has faded from our short-term memory?
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Nuff said.
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Lux is only good for her hyper...
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NinjaGuerra posted...
Lux is only good for her hyper...

Looks like PLASMA BEAM!
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Stay away from Lux. She's useless.
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This topic is pure, untainted blasphemy.

GUARDS! Shackle up this vile nobody and take him to King Rux.
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Sounds like someone is angry after getting LASER'd a few too many times~
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ITT: TC is an awful player and apparently other champs are bad because he can't do well with them (Because of previously stated badness).
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I bought Ryze just because, my first game as him I got wrecked by a Lux...maybe I'm just bad >_>
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