C/D: You're incredibly OCD with your item placement.

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User Info: IceMan_128

4 years ago#21
1st Boots
2nd Items with actives
3rd Wards
4th Pots
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User Info: Fenrir the Wolf

Fenrir the Wolf
4 years ago#22
From: X6488 | #003

I generally put pots/usable items in slot 1+2, and wards in 3+4. That's it.
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User Info: fi3rcedragon

4 years ago#23
Well, I try to have my active items in the first slots, consumables in any slots following that, and everything else is in a random order. Never really cared too much.

User Info: cylink123456789

4 years ago#24
Well i always put boots on 2nd spot, because usually i buy a non boot item first ( since im bad) so boots has always been 2 for me, and if i do start boots like on akali, then once i get a item thats not pots/wards, it moves to 2, and that item to 1
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User Info: SA_X_Mk_II

4 years ago#25
I have my buttons set a little... differently.

1: Pots
2: Active item 1
4: Active item 2
3, 5, 6: whatever other item
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User Info: Frostshock

4 years ago#26
From: Amarajah | Posted: 11/10/2012 8:51:45 PM | #016
Unless it's an item that has a clickable use, why would you care. I'm not OCD about which slot my infinity edge or phantom dancer is in. Although I usually put boots to slot 1 because I use 2-5 usually for on use items (easier to reach on the keyboard).

Which is more intimidating for an enemy team to see:

Dorans, Dorans, Vamp, PD, IE, Greaves


Greaves, IE, PD, Vamp, Dorans, Dorans

For me, the second one.
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User Info: Biglabron

4 years ago#27
not ocd at all about my inventory slots.

I do prioritize my activation slots, but that is only because of how I have my game pad macroed. I only have 1-4 on my game pad registered for finger reach.
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User Info: iXCelticXi

4 years ago#28
But then I again I actually am obsessive compulsive so go figure. >_>
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User Info: Elfishguy11

4 years ago#29

Boots, Wards, Pots, Other Item, Other Item, Other Item

Generally I even colour code it so it looks nice >.>
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User Info: MagiaIce

4 years ago#30
From: Frost_shock_FTW | #001
Boots in first spot. Exception: Viktor's Hex Core goes in first spot, followed by boots.
Followed by completed items, ordered from core to situational. Exception: Actives go on 2 and 3.
Followed by unfinished item components.
Followed by potions.
Followed by wards.

Exactly what I do.
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