Marron the Mage blade

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Generic title is generic

Marron is a Melee Mage that can support or act as an anti carry. His q-e { These two spells are independent, IE can use the fireball and the heal at the same time, there cooldowns act independently; youll see why} Allowing a quick casting of "QQ" or "WW"

He is mana based and is rewarded for getting into the middle of the action.

Passive: Marron gains mana per every hit on an enemy equal to (3/6/9)% of the damage.

Q : Throws a fireball in a line dealing moderate damage to anything hit, This spell does more damage at close range (CD 5 seconds at max)

Q(self target): Marron charges himself with mana giving an (x) regen boost in hp/s . This cannot stack and if marron takes damage the effect will cancel (CD 4 seconds)
[ x would be a fairly low number, it would keep him in lane, but not enough to survive strong harrass without falling back]

W self: Marron Projects a bubble shield around him for 1 (maybe less) maybe less. Any incoming spell is negated and an aoe spike of damage occurs around maron

W Enemy: An enemy is marked by an offensive ward and the target loses (35/40) AD AP for 4 seconds

E: Marron Strike the ground in an AOE with lightning briefly stunning (0.5 seconds) anything hit. If the Target has a (W) ward on it, the ward is destroyed.

E self: Marron Empowers his sword with arcane energy, any unit physically attacked has a mark placed on them. Hitting an enemy with any of marons other spells detonated the mark doing damage

R: SHARED COOLDOWN (ie 10 seconds) This is where Marron differs, His ult is given at lvl 1 and works like this.

Marron remembers the last two spells cast and combines them into a new spell

QQ : Marron throws out three fireballs in a cone each doing slightly less damage then the original but apply a burn effect that cuts healing

WW: Maron doubles the duration of his shield and it also grants hp equal to a portion of the damage dealt by the incoming nuke.

EE: Maron dashes at a target and strikes them with his lightning charged blade dealing moderated damage and stunning them.

QW: Marron can place a firey shield on himself or an ally that increases there movespeed and hp regen

QE: Marron fires an arc of lightning out in front of him slowing any unit hit (think riven ult)

WE: Marron Heals all allies in an aoe around him for (x) + missing% (x) but not himself.

Now you could facemash your buttons providing buffs and debuffs for you and your allies whilst dealing moderate damage, or you can think about which spell would come up for your combo and working off that.

Yes i know "INVOKER CLONE" but i thought id have a shot at the concept
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Basically sounds like a weaker/lamer version of Invoker. Pretty creative with how some of his stuff works, but a champion like this would never be created by Riot because anything complex like Invoker is "anti-fun".
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Needs new passive since that's taric
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ssj98_gotenks posted...
Needs new passive since that's taric

Yeah, i dont know what to have as his passive. Something that adds damage could be broken. Some sort of utility though
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how I feel about it...
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WonASC posted...

how I feel about it...

thats nice, im glad you decided to voice your opinion through a youtube clip that probably took longer to find then just ignoring the topic all together

Obviously, you do care
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WonASC posted...

how I feel about it...

That doesn't even make sense given the contents of the topic.
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He's Invoker, and Riot would never do that. I would say the W is too strong as well, considering Trundle's Q only reduces the AD of the target by 20 and that's ONLY AD.
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Kevman510 posted...
He's Invoker, and Riot would never do that. I would say the W is too strong as well, considering Trundle's Q only reduces the AD of the target by 20 and that's ONLY AD.

Trynds reduces all nearby champs by 80