Which champs are hardest for you to last hit with?

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Probably Fiddlesticks.
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4th this, human form has a wind up and SLOW projectile. Whoever said morg and karthus do not play them properly as they don't farm with AA.

You are all children to have issues with her last hits. I never miss a single one with her Human Form.

No last hitting is easy Elise is just unnecessarily bad for some reason. I don't miss cs. It just sucks ass.
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Always get poop cs with Swain.

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I find Fiddles mid to be much harder to cs with than Anivia / Swain.

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I find Malphite and Zilean a little awkward.

I actually get the highest cs with Malph, though I'd say I do better with Jayce sometimes. Malph, you just need to have a pretty high level on e. Just hit the mage minions 1-2 times each, e to kill them all and potentially other minions. Q to harass and keep the other guy away. This means you gotta spam skills. Rush Chalice first thing.
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Kog's last hits are quite problematic as well. I heard it gets easier with the chinese firework skin or w/e it's called.
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Fid or Soraka, dat missile speed
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Cannon form Jayce. I don't know what it is about him in cannon form that is so hard; he has a nice animation and everything. However, his hammer form is ridiculously easy to last hit with.
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