What are the standard builds for these champions?

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4 years ago#1
Trying to master couple of top&Jungle


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4 years ago#2
Jungle Cho

Boots + pots > Philo + HoG > Aegis is your core, after that it's situational. Some good suggestions are abyssal, wit's end, and frozen heart, but Cho can honestly make use of pretty much anything. Lead with silence when possible when you gank. Skill order is R>E>W>Q with a E>Q>E>W start.
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4 years ago#3
Only one I can really answer is Olaf. Every jungler can use Wriggles and Boots of Mobility... the rest for Olaf consists of Spirit Visage, Frozen Mallet, Warmogs, and Atmas, though I usually sub out one of them for something depending on how the game is going.

I believe Cho can use Abyssal, Rylais, and Frozen Heart.
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4 years ago#4
Jungle Olaf:

Standard is QWQE, R>E>Q>W

I'll take E level 2 if I'm doing smiteless blue->red steal because it clears faster and helps me duel enemy jungler if needed.


After this core, itemization can change a bit depending (e.g. you'll want a FoN or something if the AP is fed or they have 2+ AP), but the standard full build I go for is:

Mercs+Shurelya's+Randuin's+Frozen Heart+Warmog's+Guardian Angel

40% CDR, lots of Armor and health, some MR, Shurelya's and Randuin's active to stick to enemy carries along with Ghost+Ult... 40% CDR is really amazing on Olaf because you can chain axe and E constantly, you don't even really have time to autoattack.
4 years ago#5
Top Kayle:


Basically, standard AD Carry build. BC is good if your botlane AD is doing well because they'll have a LW and BC will increase their damage.
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