Embarrassing stories when you were new to the game.

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3 years ago#11
I played Maokai without boots because the 2nd highest rated guide on Mobafire told me to for the longest of times.
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3 years ago#12
Using smite in lane for cannon minions.
3 years ago#13
When my friends told me to stop feeding, I thought they were specifically talking about Cho'Gath's ult stacks.
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3 years ago#14
I came to the game around the time Skarner was released.
Took Clairvoyance on every single champion. Because I never bothered with wards. Mind you, this was before its cooldown nerf. Afterwards, I always took Exhaust and Ghost.
Built a Phantom Dancer on Heimerdinger, because "he didn't attack fast enough".
Played ADCs mid, particularly Caitlyn, and actually did well.
Played all the supports as AP Carries.
That's pretty much it.
Evelynn is my waifu.
Help... Me...
3 years ago#15
Doing nothing but play melee champs and stacking PD's. First champ I played was Jax. Dodging everything all the way to the bank. (this was back when pd's still gave dodge)
3 years ago#16
starting playing around when Xin came out.

i remember shooting ashe arrow at a turret. oh god.
do fjdk lolLOLOL
3 years ago#17
Nykza posted...
Using smite in lane for cannon minions.

PSN: Conkea
3 years ago#18
didn't realize you could flash without clicking, pressed F to see the range and BWEEP!

Died to minions while playing taric.

Tried to play ashe like a counter bruiser bruiser.

also refused to level ashe's ultimate because I was unfamiliar with it. I could only handle knowing how to use 3 spells.
Not once did we break the rules, we only broke the barriers in their minds.
3 years ago#19
Some from my brother:

- Would build two phantom dancers and two bloodthirsters on Irelia.
- Would pick smite in the lane to "Help kill minions faster"
- Never do dragons
- Maximum attack speed! Nashor's Tooth + Wit's End + Phantom Dancer + Rageblade (over attack speed cap)
- Master Yi and Tryndamere were the most OP champs ever. (no stuns on our team)
3 years ago#20
Ashe ulting turrets and baron and dragon
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