Embarrassing stories when you were new to the game.

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User Info: Rookie_Jet

4 years ago#31
TwoForTragedy posted...
Doing nothing but play melee champs and stacking PD's. First champ I played was Jax. Dodging everything all the way to the bank. (this was back when pd's still gave dodge)

Good times for Jax players...I miss my dodge runes.

User Info: Xion350

4 years ago#32
I built Nashor's tooth and Rageblade on Kassadin thinking it was a legitimate path. Hoo boy...
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User Info: omisfly

4 years ago#33
I couldn't even tell apart a AD item from an AP item

User Info: XcaIIion

4 years ago#34
i played kog'maw as a support
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User Info: DuDuDu10101

4 years ago#35
i used smite in lane =_=

i built AD and AP because that skill said so and thought it was cool

i CS as support and ends up carrying too many games as sona, got her nerfed many times :(

i cried when they nerfed sona, the first every champion i bought with hard earned IP, others were all RP bought on impulse

i had rez runes on my page because i bought the bundle during beta
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User Info: DCball619

4 years ago#36
First champ I ever played; Shen.

Because he was a freaking ninja.

And I wanted to be stealthy and assassinate people.

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User Info: _HeX

4 years ago#37
"I wonder what those towers do"

I walk up to an enemy tower and start hitting it, I die a few seconds later and get screamed at by my entire team.
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User Info: Smokey_MacPot

4 years ago#38
Only been playing a week. A few days ago I decided to try to pump AP with Caitlyn, not really knowing the mechanics of AP and AD, to see if I could get her ult to one shot squishies.
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User Info: Shadow_King56

4 years ago#39
>Pick Nasus "He looks hella cool, I bet he can wreck anyone"
>In lane with ashe against a Voli and Caitlyn
>I can take them both!
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User Info: redluigi11

4 years ago#40
i thought smite did damage to champs
i picked kass because he look cool i went 1/10/2
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