Embarrassing stories when you were new to the game.

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3 years ago#71
Saved all my IP from about lvs 1-15 to buy nocturne.

I still main him.

As mistakes go, my worst mistake was when nocturne was free in my very first game ever. I thought jungling was cool, and so I started wraiths, no pots, no items at all.

Died to wraiths.

Died to wraiths.

Died to wraiths.

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3 years ago#72
built attack speed ryze.
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3 years ago#73
My 1st game was with singed, and it was something like 23/0/1 beginner bots...lol, after dying about 18 times the team started to get mad telling me to stop feeding the bots. I had no map awareness at all, they would tell me to go bot and I remember saying what's bot. Once my bro's gf and friend started to play with me, I started to do a lot better. But that 1st game was just so bad.
3 years ago#74
i wet my bed till i was in second gra.......wait no wrong topic.

*memory erase beam*
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3 years ago#75
I meant 0kills/23deaths/1assist.
3 years ago#76
I don't have embarrassing stories 'cause I came from Hon, so I knew what was up. First game with Amumu, 16-2, so I had the game in a bag.
3 years ago#77
I built AP urgot :(((((
Oh well, found out how...
3 years ago#78
Played when Diana came out

I used my abilities and spells with the mouse

I thought u cud have only one kind of each item (only one armor, one weapon, one shield, etc.)

I thought yi was OP and only the pros used him

Tried to smite enemy champions
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3 years ago#79
I started not to long ago.

My first Character was Katarina, I played another (free) character my first week, but I cannot for the life of me recall who it was. This was before Kat got her newer abilities, W was not an AOE attack. Everyone kept telling me to go AD, no one informed me to buy boots.

After a week or two of wondering why I kept going 4/20/10 (usual score) I finally looked up guides on her build. Finally was doing good, was the the star player almost every game, a week after this they changed Kat's abilities. I have not been able to get good with her sense... Her bouncing blades' physics is totally different.
3 years ago#80
I feel kinda old (so to speak)... I've been playing since.... Jarvan, I think it was. Which was so long ago that I can't remember anything that I did back then...
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