Regarding getting the ELO rewards:

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Let's say you and a team of 3 queue up together, and play, let us say, 15 3v3 games. So you guys hit gold, woolah. Now, a few weeks later, one of your teammates starts being a total ****, and dismisses you as a person altogether. They deleted you from their buddy list and ignored you. You, being the team Captain, as cruel as it may be, have the option of removing them from your ranked team.

IF you did happen to remove them from your ranked team, do they still get the Janna skin/gold ELO rewards because they have obtained it legitimately once before? Or once you remove them, their whole record of ever being in a ranked team and playing ranked games and achieving gold ELO disappears?


What happens when you remove someone in your ranked team that achieved Gold ELO with you? Do they still get the rewards?
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I don't believe they get the rewards if they are removed from the team or the team is disbanded.
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Is this a brag topic? Honestly not sure.
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EDumey posted...
Is this a brag topic? Honestly not sure.

It's a question topic.
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