The end of season 2 patch is different than the season 3 patch?

#1F0reverZeroPosted 11/13/2012 2:56:17 AM
Sorry if this is a stupid question and blatantly obvious... But is it? Not sure and I haven't been able to find any info with minimal searching...

I thought season 3 was supposed to start on November 6th, but then Riot said they would roll out the patch when it was done, it's been a week now since then and still no Season 3, what gives?
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#2Fenrir the WolfPosted 11/13/2012 3:01:28 AM(edited)
The season ends tonight. Item changes, new jungle, and other things will be patched in later. Right now is what's considered preseason for season 3
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#3SlaynPosted 11/13/2012 3:01:16 AM