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7/22 PBE Update
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Nykza377/22 2:46PM
So im really digging jungle wukong butDavanos47/22 2:46PM
What do I need to know for Xin top?Maoist_Thought37/22 2:45PM
Deathcap should be removed or reworked
Pages: [ 1, 2 ]
Lexar_177/22 2:45PM
New Arcade Sona ult is finally amazing.t_paynes_ghost47/22 2:44PM
IBG on Kog; discussDiggleLord67/22 2:32PM
Interesting interview with Statikk about the current state of several champions.
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scaler24137/22 2:17PM
I'm sick of people using win rate as a factor to a champion's power.
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GujinKami307/22 2:14PM
The cinematic was fun, but does anyone else find the concept bland?
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PoorCountry137/22 2:07PM
TSM Gleeb benched - replaced by Lustboy!!Lexar_37/22 2:01PM
Question about demotionsScorpioVS27/22 1:54PM
Why's Ahri getting all the fan abuse from the new cine?
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Metal Gear Raxis177/22 1:49PM
So the new cinematic proves...
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AKizle387/22 1:48PM
LoL Casters vs EGEvilmonster27/22 1:44PM
Doom Bots lv 10 give bots the URF buff...
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ThunderCavalier117/22 1:26PM
Rito pls. Give Ahri ult skin. pls.drlolimaster57/22 1:20PM
Ban Shaco, Shen and TryndamereMetal_Gear_Link67/22 1:19PM
I take it back. THIS was the shortest Doom bot match ever.
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ThunderCavalier127/22 1:00PM
I haven't seen a Shen in ages. I literally forgot he existed for a little while.
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Ducky_Momo147/22 1:00PM
The most OP splitpusher in the league if you can handle it
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Skystrike70117/22 12:31PM