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We're like a half week away from another new champ/Sion rework on PBE.
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bd43159/21 7:52PM
they should make a champ with a defective memoryIndianaJones6539/21 7:37PM
4 person queueing and TROLLING the fifth remaining person in bots is beyond funKaceytron109/21 7:33PM
Akali Zed Talon
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AkaliRemix129/21 7:29PM
2014 World Championship discussion topic part 4
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PrizmSlash1379/21 7:18PM
If you could remove 1 champion from the game, who would they be?
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evillocke239/21 7:13PM
Trying to diversify my champion pool before starting ranked.
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dkgerbil2179/21 7:09PM
Is it ever okay for a support to start with a non gold generation item?Just4Lulz89/21 6:52PM
Is Alliance really so good that c9 doesn't stand a chance against them?DrPrimemaster109/21 6:51PM
Jatt, Deficio and Riv Shoutcasting Behind the Scenesbatman3k569/21 6:38PM
I just got yelled at..
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Pelaaja123299/21 6:20PM
Today TSM proved that NA>TaiwanKadabra02599/21 6:13PM
Problems Installing (Closed)High2Low39/21 6:09PM
Is it wise to install this game under the default directory? (Closed)ajko00069/21 6:06PM
Some customer support helpShadowNargacuga29/21 6:03PM
Keeping up with new champions and knowing how they build play and whatever.SophieLuvsTofu39/21 6:01PM
How do you get out of silver?kitsunethefox79/21 5:58PM
So, Gnar is just dead, right?
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Izyxa119/21 5:58PM
I finally FREAKING DID IT!!!Tokenblack2079/21 5:56PM
*gets forced into adc*OmniImmortal79/21 5:53PM