Now that Season 3 is over, here are some suggestions for Season 4

#1GlobalCoolingPosted 11/13/2012 4:18:25 PM
1. Hide the enemy team's Summoner Spells at the loading screen. They should remain hidden until they come out of the Fog of War.

Currently, it is way too easy to tell which 4 champions will be junglers in any given game due to the fact that they will have Smite and Teleport at the loading screen. Hiding Summoner Spells can help develop new strategies involving tricking the enemy team. Ex: They see Jax, Ashe, Kog Maw, Ziggs and Teemo. If Summoner Spells are hidden, they will assume Ziggs and Kog are jungling, but then they will be surprised/ambushed if you send Jax and Ashe to jungle.

2. Remove the 4th and 5th Quint rune spaces gained at level 30.

This is obvious. Level 30 summoners are WAY more powerful with two more Quints than any other summoners. If your account was reset to Level 1 like mine was, you will know how frustrating it is to level your account back up to 25, only to play against a Level 30 with 5 Quints.


Ever since Google bought Riot, we have seen a huge inflation of Google Points. What used to be a 975 RP skin is now a 1500 GP skin. What the hell happened, Rioto? I can't even say Rioto anymore. If only we had boycotted that Dragon Tamer Lulu skin...

4. Remove Vilemaw from SR.

There is no need for Vilemaw and Baron at the same time. It just becomes a matter of luck deciding which team goes for which buff.
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Seriously spent his time on making such a terrible topic.
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I agree with #1.
#4DiortePosted 11/13/2012 4:20:22 PM
GlobalCooling posted...
Ever since Google bought Riot

If you are from the future, Iamokaywiththis.mkv
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Also, the only champion left in the league is Draaaaaaaven because it's HIS league.
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Ganon19 posted...
Seriously spent his time on making such a terrible topic.
#7Herostratus_Posted 11/13/2012 4:23:21 PM
That was actually entertaining.
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I don't know if #1 is fair but it would be a really fun change.
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still a while till april fools
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season 3 is over?!?!?!
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