How are you supposed to win when you start out in ranked?

#1UncleAssMuffPosted 11/13/2012 7:43:20 PM
I played a little bit in Season 2, but that was just to get the hang of it before Season 3. I know enough to not go into the hell that is solo queue, so I've been duo-ing with a friend that I trust won't feed.

I have played two games today, the first game, our top disconnected at Level 7 and never returned. We lost.

Game #2 was bad from the start. In retrospect, I really should have dodged this one. The enemy team picked Jayce to top, so in response our top decides Darius is his best choice. I told him that Jayce counters Darius and he told me in broken English to trust him and that he has experience with Jayce. He was plundered. The enemy mid picked Fizz, so I thought, "Well our top is going to get countered, but at least Fizz is easily counterable."

Our mid picks Karthus. I almost s***.

Please tell me this isn't going to be how the majority of ranked games I play are going to go.
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#2zefigPosted 11/13/2012 7:48:31 PM
With you and your friend, there's only space for 3 teammates like that, while the enemy team has 5 spaces for players like that.

Persevere, etc.
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