hmm looks like I use mainly unpopular champions :O

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The_niblet posted...
Susan0 posted...

Akali is rarely used! :D Hooray~

should I buy Akali dude?

Depends on your play style, dood. She's kinda rune dependant, to activate her passives.

My rune page is mostly AP, about 15 AP , then grab a dolan's blade to completely activate her passive.

She kinda plays like Diana , has more potential to burst the enemy down, 3 Ults if played right.

and she has amazing jukes with w.
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Syndra's more popular than leblanc. Did something happen to leblanc? I'm not saying Syndra is bad but people love to talk about how terrible she is and she still has a higher popularity than Leblanc and Talon?
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