I met a girl at school who plays League of Legends...

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TalentedM posted...
GlobalCooling posted...
Honestly, I do not think I will be posting pictures of her...That is really violating her privacy...I'll ask her.

If they are on the internet they are already public. I can type her name into google and find dozens of pics of her. Just like any other person you know, a google search can pull some interesting pictures of them up.

Yay, after googling myself, no pictures or nuthin. Good thing Denzel Washington exists.

In the facebook profile mentioned above, theres a photo of teemo in it.
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This topic had a good run, but the entertainment factor seems to be going down.

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good read
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Yeah TC should have said that girl was her so people would harass her
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Dragonfable101 posted...

This topic had a good run, but the entertainment factor seems to be going down.



I eagerly await the next installment of... whatever the hell this is.

get to work globalcooling.
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Welcome to...

the Friend Zone.

God, I hate that.
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I have to thank you TC, I absolutely lost it at the poem. Thank you so much.

As for the Facebook, who is that?

I would.
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f*ck her, i mean.. yep
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This topic is somewhat entertaining. Good job TC, great assist everyone else.
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And... How old are you again...?
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