if i liked DOTA will I like LoL?

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From: MlREFOX | #006
The blind-Dota-fanboy response would be that LoL is more "casual" or "easier" but I think the streamlining of the genre has made LoL the top-tier competitive game that it is.


I actually play more LoL than DotA, but I can play both. I respect LoL for what it is, and it feels more "fun" at times. It just has the fun packed to it, and not as much work needed.
#12MizunoRyuuPosted 11/14/2012 10:07:27 AM
LoL is easier and less punishing on bad players, so overall it's a better game. If you're willing to get past the vertical learning curve of DotA, it becomes the better game, but only if you're willing to invest a lot of time and effort.
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#13Ultima_Weapon33Posted 11/16/2012 8:18:24 AM
Mirefox posts : http://i.imgur.com/NJWsr.png

LoL is easier and less punishing on bad players, so overall it's a better game

Lol, what the hell is this logic? Is Checkers a really good game now because it's easy to learn?

DotA 2 is better than League in almost every way imaginable. And if you don't agree? Well, League does. There's a reason why they keep taking things from it, from the new Quelling Blade and Bottle rips from champion ideas, from game UI (regeneration numbers, buying notices and more) to voice lines...

Responding to Mirefox even though it's proven to give you brain damage.

LoL is more refined.

If this was true, there wouldn't be a total item and jungle rework coming.
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#14Doc_MPosted 11/16/2012 8:31:40 AM
I wish certain posters could be expelled from GameFAQs permanently.

Anyway. DOTA 2 is a remake of an 8+ year old game. Nothing new, nothing changed. LoL, on the other hand, is a newer entry in the same genre. Basically, the DOTA 2 fanboy argument breaks down to "change is bad". Just look at the above post. A rework and rebalance is considered bad. Most sane and logical people would not automatically assume that. Most people would look at the changes on their merits first.
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