Which champ is the most forgettable in your opinion?

#21lascat9Posted 11/17/2012 8:46:41 PM
Poppy and Veigar.
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#22Sword_SlasherPosted 11/17/2012 8:47:11 PM
Easily Sion.
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#23Small_appliancePosted 11/17/2012 8:50:44 PM
If she wasn't so popular, I would say Irelia.
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#24FlameLord23Posted 11/17/2012 9:38:10 PM
I have sion and forget he exists. But it's definitely Urgot. I don't even know what he does, I just know he exists, and the only reason I do is because my friend the butler got an unofficial penta with him. Sion I at least know is a decent jungler.
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#25SythaWarriorPosted 11/17/2012 9:41:40 PM
Xerath, Sion and Sejuani
#26sequeezeyPosted 11/17/2012 9:45:31 PM
champion. That's the most forgetable word of this topic.
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#27TheSteelPhoenixPosted 11/17/2012 9:49:25 PM
i forget i have renekton
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