Top lane Tier list

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take jayces top potential..........

.......and add a stun and a troll pool to it

gg elise best top lane
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Darius and draven are the only two champions you need in this game. Darius>all top lane
Draven>everyone except Darius
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edubs posted...
TheSchref posted...
My friend takes Nunu mid and top and I've never seen him lose his lane in ~20 games doing it.

I keep seeing people say nunu top, but I can't see him being all that useful there. Sure he will win lane, but he doesn't scale extremly well into late game. Sure he can bloodboil the adc and ult, but I'd rather have him as a jungler and have a top lane bruiser who an actually peel for my carries (with a hard cc of some sort)

A 1-to-1 scaling ice ball with a massive slow attached, free aoe attack and move speed buff, incredible sustain, and a massive ult that deals a large amount of damage under almost any circumstance and you say he doesn't scale well and can't peel? What?
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From: _HeX | #027
Irelia is a beast from start to finish and outscales some of the other really good tops like Jax and Yorick as the game progresses.

She does not outscale Jax lol. Nobody outscales jax tbh.
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