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4 years ago#11
How do I beat Elise as Singed?
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4 years ago#12
hm I have to try this Moose Tracks stuff.
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4 years ago#13
do you have a guide on how2elise anywhere?
4 years ago#14
Theivey3 posted...
Moose tracks is the best ice cream, no exceptions. Followed by Chocolate Marble, of course.

Moose Tracks is awful and anybody who likes it should be legally required to undergo electroshock treatment until they develop a sense of taste.
4 years ago#15
What the hell is Moose Tracks?
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4 years ago#16
you have some extreme mental instability issues- Lmaokai
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(message deleted)
4 years ago#18
gam3szzz_2 posted...
What the hell is Moose Tracks?

A moose defecates in your ice cream and you eat it.
4 years ago#19
From: EltoniaX | #016

omg want
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4 years ago#20
Are you a fraud?
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