I wanna try full damage runes, which are the best yellow and blue for riven

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In the event TC is not trolling, if you want straight up damage, get flat damage AD yellows/blues. Try Armor Pen reds and flat AD quints. Buy Dolan's shield if you against Darius and proceed to poop all over him with constant harass. At least if you want strong early game, then go for her regular items that make her such an awesome nuisance.

I already have the quint runes for red I just wanted to know which give the best for blue and yellow for red , I was confused, the greater seal of might or greater seal of strength

Whichever are the flat AD runes. I don't know what their actual names are. I just call them what they do. Glad Riot is stepping up and changing the runes names to what they do instead of makin it sound cool and confusing people.

Like the other guy said, full damage runes are not advised because it's hardly balanced unless you can bait all of your lane opponents attacks and counterattack without worry because most players are not that idiotic and they catch on quickly, but if you must, just play all flat ad and tell us how it turns out.

yeah.. I know its bad, I just wanted to try for fun,, I have like 40k Ip...
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yeah.. I know its bad, I just wanted to try for fun,, I have like 40k Ip...

I once saw a Rengar after the patch that destroyed him who had an all Flat AD page for some reason, I was mid as Swain and he came to help Ahri gank, so I Nevermoved his ass near the turret and died to aggro from it. Ahri proceeded to rage at the bad Rengar who promised top notch ganks over cross chat.

Needless to say, I lol'd.
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If you can't answer the question yourself, you don't need to be playing Riven AT ALL

Ignore this guy.

Get some flat red AD runes, some Flat yellow armor runes, some magic resist blue runes and some movement speed or attack damage quintessences.

I cannot advise all flat ad runes, but I can advise tankiness. For a tankier build, grab flat Attack damage runes, .5% health bonus yellow seals.

Next grab the blue set + flat health, finally get either some attack damage quints or health boost quints. % increase quints are also a factor.

You say ignore me, but then you ignored his question.

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