Lets discuss possible support mastery pages for S3

#1gaiaslayerPosted 11/19/2012 1:27:36 PM
Ok so we all have the page to calculate the new masteries, so lets post and discuss some mastery pages for supports.

In case you haven't seen it

Ill start first.

I've been thinking of going 1/8/21

1 point in Summoners Wrath: For the bonus effect on exhaust

4 points in Durability for a safe harass in lane.
1 point in Tough Skin to withstand some damage from minions
3 points in Hardiness in for extra defense
1 point in Veteran's Scars for the hp bonus

1 point in Summoners Insight: For bonus effects on Flash or Clairvoyance.
3 points in Meditation: Mana regen +3 is good I think.
3 points in Expanded Mind: More mana for MOAR support XD.
(180 are 2 or 3 extra skills that could save an ally's life)
3 points in Mastermind: Having your summoners more often is a good thing.
4 points in Greed for the gp/10, as all supports need.
2 point in Awareness for Extra exp.
(may change them to Artificer, I'm not so sure about these)
1 point in Pickpocket for the gold income
3 points in Intelligence for C/D reduction.

So what do you guys think? Any other ideas? feel free to bash my page if you feel like it.
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#2DrewdadruidPosted 11/19/2012 1:30:12 PM
3rd tree is called utility and you have 9 in defense and 20 in utility
so 1/9/20 not 1/8/21
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#3RihawfPosted 11/19/2012 1:31:44 PM
I kinda want to go 4/5/21
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#4klariusPosted 11/19/2012 1:42:26 PM
tough skin no longer reduces damage from minions
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#5Alias901Posted 11/19/2012 1:49:54 PM
4/5/21 or 0/9/21 depending on how offensively you want to play. Also tough skin is useless for laners now, get the health/level, armor and flat health masteries in defense tree. For 4/5/21, get the 4% cdr in offense tree, health/level in defense.

In support tree, artificer, intelligence, and mastermind are must-haves, IMO. Also, the mana regen mastery is good, but the mana/level seems unnecessary since they reduced the mana it gives now. The final tier mastery in support, nimble, also seems like a must-have to me.
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#6gaiaslayer(Topic Creator)Posted 11/19/2012 2:48:16 PM
Drewdadruid posted...
3rd tree is called utility and you have 9 in defense and 20 in utility
so 1/9/20 not 1/8/21

yep srry about that kind of typed this in a hurry its 1/9/20
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From: klarius | #004
tough skin no longer reduces damage from minions

This. It is only the jungle monsters affected by Tough Skin now(or at least Riot said they were doing that originally. Might have changed)
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