What makes Anivia good?

#11nastylepPosted 11/20/2012 12:08:02 AM
_HeX posted...
I hate her slow Q but I guess if it wasn't slow she would be too good.

fast moving, ranged AoE stun that isn't an ult? uhhh yeah.
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Stupid good ratios combined with stupid good utility.
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She also drinks mana like she was literally crystallizing mana into ice for her attacks.
Which is why you hope your jungler is not be both selfish and blue dependent.
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Enclosure posted...
She also drinks mana like she was literally crystallizing mana into ice for her attacks.
Which is why you hope your jungler is not be both selfish and blue dependent.

It's also why early chalice is absolutely mandatory.
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If you can reliably get blue, id rather skip chalice.
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TheSchref posted...
IIRC, her base damage on her abilities is really high which allows her to build tankier than most AP mids and still do really good damage.

Also, wall OP. Egg OP.

You are correct. You can basically build anything and she will still have great damage. I've even seen some support Anivias in the past couple months and it was quite annoying.
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Most people pick up ROA instead of archangel because her R channel doesn't currently build tear stacks, and she benefits from the HP since her egg gives her that extra life. As said earlier, she has good ratios, can farm forever, and E -> R is almost a no-skillshot consistent nuke, and E-R-Q-E is super.

If you can set yourself up for a farm lane, you'll end up really strong. I do something like,

Boots 3pot
Sorc Boots
Void Staff
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You are forced to stay in lane against anivia

Everytime you try to push off the lane and gank other lanes, she just sit there and R to kill everything and bam, the lane is put against you again. If you ignore her pushing and gank other lanes, she push even harder and have a cs lead of 30~100 creeps.

Anivia can also steal your wraiths like a boss

The wall can reveal brush, separate people, block of chasers.

o... and she got two lives..
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Thanks for all the info. I guess the reason I don't think she does much damage is because I've just been doing Q > E, not the whole E > R > Q > E combo.

One more question: As Anivia should i be carrying? Or am I more for doing a bunch of damage at the start then using my utility to secure the fight for the team?

I ask because if I play someone like Katarina mid and I have a good game I'll go get a ton of kills and carry the game, but as Anivia I tend to get mostly assists. Ex: My last 2 games with her (barring a complete crap game where my whole team got stomped) I went 2/1/13 and 2/5/25. Should I generally have a lot of assist and a few kills or is this just because I'm inexperienced with her and I should be getting a lot of kills?
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The nice thing about anivia is that if you get the kills, you can become an AP carry like most AP casters, but if you dont, you can still be good utility and help win fights solely on your wall, well placed aoe stun, and aoe slow.