That one champion you just cant face

#31PyrizzlaPosted 11/20/2012 9:34:42 AM
I have a mental block vs Olaf.

For some reason this guy just loves to ruin my top lane.

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If a champion stomps me in a lane I buy them and play them. I get to the point where I get their kit, and can press all the buttons and combos correctly.

Now play against them. You will be able to imagine the range of abilities and auto attacks. Be able to position better against them and stay alive. Sure some champs are probably going to hard counter you and should beat you in a 1v1 lane. But this way you can not be a n00b and not feed and give up the whole game.

So practice and familiarity makes perfect!
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All champions, because I suck at this game.
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Joking aside, I can't seem to face Garen and come out on top.