Are there any champions which could have no mana and not be OP?

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I'm thinking Pantheon (it might be borderline...) especially considering Rengar and Kat seem like they should have mana.

Talon is another one
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The no mana isn't really an issue except for champions like Kat since her cooldowns are rather low and then her passive keeps refreshing them.

I think as a whole if you removed the mana bar from most champions they would still play mostly the same. Earlier levels it may be a bigger advantage for some compared to others. May get people to play more aggressive instead of having farm offs.

But off the top of my head Vladimir I'd say is pretty balanced as a whole, maybe not perfectly but you could probably make an argument he could use some tweaking/buffing even.

Zed could also possibly be stronger with a mana bar since his Q takes stupid amounts of energy low levels. This is probably a stretch but still.

TLDR: I generally don't see the fuss about no mana champions.

Edit: There's a few champions though like Karthus and Anivia who would be flat out broken lol
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If only Darius didn't have mana....oh the humanity.
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Talon with no mana would be alittle op
His W over and over and over again along with his E and Q combo for an infinite poke.
LALALALALALA *Talon teleports in using his E hits you with his Q then W as he walks away with maybe a hit or two*
Imagine that over and over and dont let him have his ult
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You guys fail at reading comprehension

Eve would not be OP if she didn't have mana, she doesn't run out of mana anyway
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Darius would be the same. The only time I ever run out of mana is after dunking 4 people in a team fight, but by that point they are already dead anyway.