What would make you leave league and never look back?

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stascakbw07 posted...
From: kingsworth | #007
A pokemon MMO.

A 3D Pokemon MMO with only original 151.

Skill shots, Mini-games, live battles, Pokemon Master ladders... Why doesn't this exist?

Only the original 151?
That would suck so much and it would get old very fast.
So much.
So old.

I'd never quit League for that.
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#42EvilSakuraiPosted 11/20/2012 10:15:30 AM
Pay to Play, No more IP, Nerfs to all my champs, buffs to all champs I hate....

And then most of all:
A F2P Fighting game for PC that functions like LOL. That would kill lol for me, And I'd never touch it again.
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If they make this game pay to play like maple
or like an mmo version of this or something
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lax4life1991 posted...
Skyrim with Dark Souls Combat.

That can be very very unhealthy for me......
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#45Mogu_MoguPosted 11/20/2012 10:22:49 AM
Pay to play/pay to win/horrible balance changes and no outlook on changing them back.
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When I grow up and suddenly get sick of yordles.
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"We'd like to introduce to everyone, the League of Teemo."
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lax4life1991 posted...
Skyrim with Dark Souls Combat.

all my money
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CanadaTop posted...
friends moving to DotA 2

I only play LoL to "hang out" with IRL friends since they all play daily and I moved away earlier this year.

If they all played DotA 2, I'd move to that without batting an eye.

If none of them played LoL, neither would I. I can't even remember the last time I played solo.

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sauceje posted...
Monthly fee

This would kill me, but I might actually keep playing, depending on how much it was. Probably not, but I'm really addicted to this game.
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