Popular "Counters" that dont ever really work so well.

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People say Jax counters Fiora, but I haven't lost to a Jax as Fiora.
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HighUlitma posted...
casperrulez posted...
Fizz doesn't beat Swain

healing reduction counters swain. Fizz has healing reduction
Swain deals sustained damage. Fizz can deal burst damage
Swain has a bad leg. Fizz has two gapclosers

P.s if you wait for him to waste his E, yeah you can snare him.

Swain is also a major bully against melee champs. I see it as more of a skill matchup that could go either way.
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HighUlitma posted...
casperrulez posted...
Fizz doesn't beat Swain

healing reduction counters swain. Fizz has healing reduction
Swain deals sustained damage. Fizz can deal burst damage
Swain has a bad leg. Fizz has two gapclosers

P.s if you wait for him to waste his E, yeah you can snare him.

Without items, Fizz can't burst down Swain.
Swain never allows him to get items because lolcompletelymelee
Healing reduction comes from him auto-ing with W, or all-inning you. You beat him either way.

Swains Q and E hit through poll. The only time Swain loses is if Fizz somehow manages to get ahead enough to kill in 1 combo.

And that's only if Swain is bad enough to allow it
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Septimo_Omega posted...
Malphite counter to Jax.

Malphite must be playing very badly or the Jax is building AP first. Malphite wins every trade with Q+E with Jax maybe managing to get one leap on him (which malph's passive absorbs).

Malph's only problem is mana or if as mentioned jax goes AP first, as malph benefits from armor more obviously. But even then you just need to build accordingly and malph will be on top. His E still neuters Jax's dps and Q allows to easily disengage preventing jax from getting AA hits on malphite.

In a straight up 1v1 duel, where both just AA each other at point blank range and use skills, jax would probably win assuming equal farm and that it is post-6 (before 6 malph would be on top).

But Malphite's kit allows him to harass while taking next to no damage from Jax thus winning a trade. Either by just poking with Q or by using Q+E and walking away, watching as jax can't even get close enough to fight back due to the slow Q applies and the bonus movement speed malph steals with it.

On topic though:

Teemo vs melee top - if the top is dumb he'll feed, if he's smart he'll try to ignore teemo, build tanky and sustain to counter his harass and just farm. Most of the time the latter happens, out of the lane teemo top does nothing really unless fed as hell.

This counter is especially dumb against any decent "carry" bruisier like Irelia or Jax, who just needs to farm to do anything. Sure they may not get fed and lose some cs, but what is more useful to the team when teamfights come? Teemo with 150 cs or Jax/Irelia with 110 cs? The answer is pretty obvious when the only enemy tanky champ is the jungler.
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MagiaIce posted...
Ryze apparently counters Fizz.
Fizz apparently counters Anivia.
Teemo apparently counters Nasus.

Teemo counters Nasus so absolutely hard it's just dumb.

Very early on Teemo's blind can screw up Nasus's Q farm so hard, because even though it won't "use up" Siphoning Strike when it misses, Nasus has to go after a fairly low health minion before Q gets rank 2+, which his own minions may kill during the blind. This leaves the Nasus with less gold, lower health and poisoned, as well as having to choose between just smacking a high-health minion just for the lifesteal or waiting until another gets low.

If Nasus can get in range to Wither, a jungle gank may work, but after 6, that's not gonna happen.

Heck, Teemo doesn't even need to take his W. Between blind screwing up Nasus's Q and having a higher-ranked E, Teemo will just outright kill 1v1 Nasus before they get their ults, and afterward, dropping a shroom will be enough slow to let him get back to his own tower.
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I heard Yorick was uncounterable, then I played Mordekaiser.

Needless to say I was in their base at 15 minutes
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Slayn posted...
Darius' pull can grab Teemo if he auto attacks Darius.

Not necessarily. I've already explained why in this thread, so go ahead and look for my previous post if you're wondering. You do actually have to be good at the game to react in time though, so YMMV.

1v1 Darius vs Jax will look like this:

Lets say Darius initiates with pull. He can at least get off one auto instantly.

Apprehend has a significant wind-up time. A good player can not only predict it since it has such pathetic range but also just act in response to it. A good Jax will have Counter Strike up as he's being pulled.

I don't know I have never actually won a 1v1 duel with Darius at any stage of the game. The passive is just too easy to stacks and the ult just eats up around 25% damage instantly.

Yeah, that will happen when you use your abilities poorly.

Here's how it goes when the Jax player is good at the game and Darius makes a mistake by Apprehending him...

Darius pulls a Counter Striking Jax. Jax gets three autoattacks to proc his passive, one of which is a reset from Empower, and jumps away with Leap Strike. Darius can either Crippling Strike into Counter Strike to try to limit the damage dealt to him while Jax is dodging and see if he can get a Decimate in before he jumps away or Decimate into Counter Strike and hope he can get a Crippling Strike off before Jax jumps away, which is far less likely.

Either way, Jax wins the trade and disengages before Darius can ult, get many stacks, or start spamming Crippling Strike.
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chaoshadou posted...
You do know that W is an AA modifier, which mean Jax dodges it with E, right?

He dodges the damage (there are some on-next-hits that he doesn't dodge the damage on at all) but not the slow.
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I disagree with whoever said Fizz doesn't actually counter Anivia. The only problem is it's very hard to egg her anywhere other than under turret, so picking up kills isn't easy, and she forces you to max E first so you can match her wave clearing, which means your ganks aren't the best.

The matchup somewhat gimps Fizz's natural game, but he will still "beat" the Anivia in lane. Too much mobility and way too easy to dodge her E.