Will Riot ever make a homosexual character?

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Jayce is pretty gay
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How would you know if the character was homosexual? Do you want their taunt to be "I'm gay, look at me!" Not all homosexual people feel a need to make known their sexuality.

Written into their lore, just like other characters have love interests in their lore.

Tell me what characters have "They're heterosexual" in their lore. I don't read them, so I actually just assumed they were all gay because their lore doesn't tell me otherwise.

Like Ashe and Trynd being married.

Ashe could very well be bisexual. It's also stated in the lore that she publicly announced the marriage was political, not from romance.
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Do they need to? I don't think many people care who the make-believe champions are make-believe f***ing.
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Do they need to? I don't think many people care who the make-believe champions are make-believe f***ing.

A lot of people enjoy the lore.
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I came here expecting a lot of Ezreal and Taric, I am disappoint.
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I think Evelynn is bisexual, and is an extreme Nympho
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Ezreal and Taric are the gay couple.
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TC your not very cleaver when you yourself name 2 homo champions.
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LitchiFayeLing posted...
Taric isn't gay. Y'all just mad he got more shine and more cash than you.

Why would people need to be mad to call him gay? You're the one implying its a negative thing by saying people only call him that out of jealousy and anger and thus mean it as an insult. You just can't handle the fact that a gay man has more shine and cash than you.
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