Will Riot ever make a homosexual character?

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4 years ago#51
Because that's so the point of this game.
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4 years ago#52
French Rammus.


Topic has no meaning now.
4 years ago#53
Wayavas posted...

How popular would these skins be?
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4 years ago#54
Karma looks like a lesbian if that counts.
4 years ago#55
I think maybe 5-6 champs are "confiremed" to be hetero.

Besides... I'm sure all of the crazy shippers out there have made every chacter swing for everyone by now. Why does a characters sexual prefrence matter?

Unless you want a champ that panders to every sterotype about gays. :P
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4 years ago#56
From: KirynTheCleric | #023
Rengar and Kha'zix have a thing going on... I just know it. All the hunting each other and stuff is just a facade.

Requesting Sona's picture of Kha and Rengar.

4 years ago#57
Gay LoL champion that isn't Taric or Ezreal?

...Graves and Draaaaaven are pushing it, I think.
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4 years ago#58
Smishhh posted...
LitchiFayeLing posted...
Taric isn't gay. Y'all just mad he got more shine and more cash than you.

Why would people need to be mad to call him gay? You're the one implying its a negative thing by saying people only call him that out of jealousy and anger and thus mean it as an insult. You just can't handle the fact that a gay man has more shine and cash than you.

What are you even talking about?
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4 years ago#59
For the record all the Leona/Diana BS is just that, fanfiction.
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4 years ago#60
Draaaaaven is only gay for Draaaaaven.

Also Taric is probably the most non homosexual champ in this game. No gay man can possibly be that fabulous.

On a serious note how do you want them to make a homosexual champ anyway? Do they have to look like Freddie Mercury and slap fight the other champs?
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