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4 years ago#1
...when the enemy support/enemy lane outplays your lane?

Either that lane plays better or that champ give your champ a hard time, etc. Or their adc outplays your adc.
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4 years ago#2
When teamfights come around, find the person doing best on your team and support that person. Still try to get your carry some kills of course but keep your other players' momentum going too.
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4 years ago#3
Instead of picking whatever adc/support you picked Choose Taric or Alistair and graves.
4 years ago#4
Find out what the enemy support/ADC did to beat your lane. Did they do better lane control? Did they take advantage of a positioning mistake? Or did they just straight up out CS your ADC? Fix those mistakes.

As for immediate solutions in game, just try to stop dying and exhaust the target that is doing the most damage on the enemy team if possible. If not, exhaust the champion that is diving your ADC.
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