So I guess I don't understand how the heck the point system in dominion works?

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Just finished a game of Dominion and it was a fairly close game and then we start pulling away with it. We have about 150 Nexus health left and they have about 60.

So the rest of the game we basically have 3 turrets and they have 2, once in awhile trading off. At around 29 nexus HP their health just basically stops moving down and ours keeps trickling down.

I even get a Quadra kill by their base until finally the first guy I killed and the guy I didn't get to kill come and kill me.

Finally at the very end they manage to cap 4 towers and it was instant GG for us.

Can you not really win dominion off of holding 3 towers? I don't understand what the hell happened in that game? It was a GG regardless but it's just baffling me and I think I need some clarification on how the Nexus health works or something.
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champion kills no longer count for points at around the 150 mark - if your team cannot hold three or more points consistently the game tends to turn around then.

A lot.
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If you are holding at least 3 points the enemy team's score will begin to tick down.

The lower your team's score, the shorter your respawn times.

Deaths on your team decrease your score but it stops doing so after awhile.
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That's all kinda crazy. I was also wondering why people were respawning from my quadra kill before I even finished the streak basically and I guess I know why now.

Not sure how I feel about all those end of the game rules..thanks for the info though.
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Are you sure they weren't popping revive? It's pretty common on dominion because champion presence is so important for capping towers.
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